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Looking to the future

As society drives towards a sustainable energy mix and a NetZero society, sustainability is a fundamental piece of our company’s strategyand applied to everything we do. We aim to operate in the most sustainable waypossible to be an industry leader in sustainable practices to the benefit ofour communities and stakeholders.

Our businesses sustainable culture is embedded throughout theorganisation and our sustainability council touches every part of our business.We look to collaborate about sustainability in all areas of our business,collaborating with industry and supply chains to create real change.

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Sustainability Statement


“We aim to conduct our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, incorporating our vision of being a global infrastructure partner of choice in a way that respects the environment, the law and new ideas of working and benefits the communities where we work.

We aim to provide the best service and build the best products whilst respecting and giving back to the planet.  We can achieve this by collaborating with our employees/colleagues to bring together and integrating them into our organisation with a focus on safety and sustainability.”


We are collaborating on the cutting edge of technology to bring sustainable and emission free solutions to market across industries.

We are focused on behavioural innovation to enable sustainable practices, reduction in energy use, and reduction in waste across our business as a commitment to our sustainable culture.




Care is a fundamental part of our business and an important cornerstone of our core values. We care for our people and care about being an industry leader in human rights and inclusiveness.

Safety and Mental Health are important focuses for our team and pillars in what we believe enables our people to perform at their best, keeping operations safe and sustainable for all.

Two crew talking about safety

We are passionate about supporting local supply chains wherever we operate, bringing the maximum economic benefits to the communities we work with. We have a supply chain which is 135 years old which we collaborate with regularly to create value and increase sustainable practices across our entire stakeholder map.

We are proud of our track record in this area and have decades of experience in cultivating robust supply chains in different areas. We are driving innovative supply chains, focused on sustainability, where our experience and long-standing relationships can allow for free collaboration.

Sustainable Supply Chains