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Patrol & Rescue

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Assisting in Strategic Initiatives

Looking at new innovative outsourced business models to assist government agencies in their strategic initiatives is an area where we are actively employed and look to further target into the future.

Our Diverse Skillset


From patrol and border enforcement, to fishery protection and scientific research, our experience in the launch of small purpose built craft and working in challenging marine environments has provides us with the diverse and flexible skill set to meet ever evolving policy needs.

Adaptability in Mind

When we commissioned all of our fleet through our extensive newbuilding programme we designed our fleet with adaptability in mind. This is one such area where we have been able to show the advantages of the ERRV concept outside of the oil and gas industry.


Our RHIBS and Daughter Craft allow for excellent closing speed and manoeuvrability. Their flexibility offer:

An increase a vessels operating envelope for scientific research

Multi tasking abilities for those on board through the use of the mother ship and small craft simultaneously

Widened access to areas that a mothership cannot reach

Adaptable and Flexible