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Fraud Alert
Please read carefully

Fraud Alert


Please be advised that fraudsters are operating globally and seeking to defraud you by making bogus offers of employment while presenting themselves as legitimate North Star recruiters.

Their typical approach is to tempt you with job offers, generally by email, involving international relocation and requesting payment in order to process visa or work permit applications. These individuals are criminals and are not representatives of North Star. North Star will never ask you for payment as part of any application for work.

What to look for:

  • An offer comes from an email address using or similar looking domain. The official domain for North Star is . Even though the email address in the From: field shows @northstarshipping, it’s still possible that actual address is masked. Double click on the From: contact to see the actual email address.
  • The offer document/email seems unprofessional, i.e. low quality or distorted logo, poor English grammar, signed by a senior manager or director of North Star, etc.
  • The offer requests payment of any kind. North Star will never ask you for payment as part of any application for work.
  • The offer includes a mobile phone number instead of the main North Star office number or a legitimate location. North Star office addresses and phone numbers can be found here: Contacts

What you should do

If you receive unsolicited employment offers, or are unsure about the validity of a North Star job offer after applying:

DO NOT send your personal details or any monies.

If you have been a victim of a email fraud please let us know and also report the incident to Police Action Fraud who can assist you further

Contact us via email:

Contact Police Action Fraud: