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Platform Supply

Platform Supply & Multi Role

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A North Star Vessel delivering supplies to an offshore installation

Providing critical support to our clients

Our experience in platform supply operations started in the 1980’s when we brought multi role operations to market to help our clients manage their operations in a safe and innovative way.

This is supplemented through out dedicated PSV fleet which combine industry leading technologies and best practice to provide a service which is focused on efficient operations with safety and care designed into our vessels prior to construction. These vessels utilise best in industry DP2 systems to provide a reliable service which our clients can depend on to perform 24/7 365.

MRV Fleet

MRV Fleet combining ERRV & PSV duties

Our MRV fleet combines ERRV and PSV Duties into one highly specified vessel with skilled and experienced crew that have vast experience in managing simultaneous operations in field with close collaboration with OIM’s in field.

With 17 MRV’s within our fleet we operate the largest MRV fleet in the world, supported by our in house logistics teams which looks to drive even more efficiencies for our clients on a daily basis through close collaboration.


The Grampian Sceptre vessel in port
Two platform supply vessels in port.
A platform supply vessel in port

DP Expertise


Our Shoreside management team hold extensive expertise on how to operate Dynamic Positioning systems and how best to configure these systems to work in the safest most efficient manner with a variety of locations.

DP Ops

We have and continue to support DP operations at the following locations:


FPSO (including working in follow target mode where heading is variable)

Fixed installations

Jack Up Rigs

Semi Submersible Rigs


DP Operations

Survey & ROV


Whilst no longer in our current fleet our management team have extensive experience in operating Survey / ROV vessels primarily through our previous vessel the Grampian Surveyor. Commisioned by North Star in 2003, our build supervision team maneged this build process in Balenciaga spain and delivered this state of the art vessel ahead of schedule. Following delivery our in house teams operated this vessel through until 2016. 

As a result of this our management team have a great deal of experience in POB management and providing hotel services to client personnel all over the globe. Through close collaboration with the vessels clients we were able to customise POB experience in line with changing needs and requirements to provide an excellent level of service to those living on board our vessels. We continue to retain these expertise in house to aid our broader portfolio of services.