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North Star, the UK’s largest owned and operated ERRV fleet

The Grampian Cavalier vessel with a beautiful sunset behind it

Our Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRV’s) provide a regulatory driven, essential safety service to the offshore industry.

Our Management team has been industry leading in the ERRV space since the creation of the industry, and our team drive continuous improvement and close collaboration with our clients at every opportunity. North Stars management team have been instrumental in bringing innovation to market in the ERRV industry throughout its history which have helped our clients operate more efficiently and effectively on a continual business. This includes the invention of the modern day daughter craft which was created by the North Star team in the late 1980’s which helped enable larger operating perameters and multi installation sharing models. The creation of a bespoke role MRV fleet which is now the UK’s largest, combining ERRV duties and PSV duties into one highly effective vessel and service, helping to drive efficiencies in vessel movements across our clients broader portfolios.

Our ERRVs are required to provide a 24/7 365 service to installations, meaning that a substitute vessel must be provided to our clients at all times to enable crew changes, store replenishment and regular maintenance.

Our vessels have been developed in line with the UK’s HSE legislative requirements to ensure a “good prospect of recovery” from persons on board offshore oil and gas infrastructure in line with the Prevention of Fire, Explosion and Emergency Response Regulations (1995). These vessels have and continue to operated as a safe place of rescue for thousands of offshore workers.

In over 40 years of operations in the UK North Sea, we have never left any client's personnel unsupported. Vessel designed are stringently prescribed by flag state and regularly audit to be in compliance with the specific code governing these vessels.Our crews are assessed by third parties to ensure their performance against HSE performance requirements in providing a “good prospect of recovery” which is quantifiably measured during regular validation trials.

We operate as a key member of the Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel Association and are the associations largest member, more information about this group can be found below.


A daughter craft fast at sea
A rescue helicopter off the back of an ERRV
A rescue vessel at sea

Our Vessels


Our Emergency Rescue and Recovery Vessels are the backbone of our business and at the core of what we do.


Safety is personal

With over £350 million invested into purpose built tonnage we are committed to upholding the best safety standards and providing a first class service our clients can depend on and trust.

Our first purpose built ERRV dates back to 1981, we believe in equipment designed for purpose in bettering safety standards and keeping everyone safe - view our fleet

Directly involved in the rescue of personnel during the Piper Alpha disaster, safety is personal to us and will always be at the heart of what we do.