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What we do

Unrivalled support in a hostile environment

North Star Shipping provides 24/7 support for clients in one of the world's busiest and most hostile marine environments. We continue to invest in our people and vessels and are focused on delivering safety, service and quality across four key areas: offshore support, tanker assist and emergency response and rescue.

Delivering exceptional operational support offshore

North Star Shipping owns and operates the largest British wholly-owned fleet engaged in the UK offshore industry. Our clients rely on our advanced vessels and the unrivalled experience of our highly trained people to provide support to over 50 offshore installations and we have saved more than 70 lives in the North Sea.

We place safety as the most critical element in all our operations. As recent winners of the Scottish Offshore Achievement Award for Safety, and recipients of 12 consecutive British Safety Council awards, we hold one of the best safety records in the North Sea. 

We retain on contract over 1000 seagoing staff and we are committed to supporting British Shipping by training in excess of 80 Deck and Engineering Cadets each year via our Cadet Programme.

We are committed to investing in our fleet ensuring we provide the highest level of operational service, remaining at the forefront of marine professionalism across all disciplines. By combining safety, service and quality in everything we do, we deliver exceptional levels of support to our clients in one of world's most challenging and demanding industries.