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Rescue Boat Services

We have a dedicated in-house Rescue Craft Service Centre to ensure the highest levels of performance are maintained to our fleet of Daughter Craft and Fast Rescue Craft (FRC).

With a team of specialised mechanics and the highest levels of supervision, we ensure our fleet of 37 Daughter Craft and in excess of 65 Fast Rescue Craft are maintained and ready for immediate deployment 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our Rescue Boat Division maintains all of our craft on a dedicated and exclusive basis, and are inspected at every port call prior to re-deployment. All routine and non-routine maintenance on the Rescue Craft is undertaken in a high quality workshop by trained mechanics working in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. These facilities give us the ability to completely strip down engines, inspect and maintain the drive train and overhaul the Hull in a temperature controlled and quality environment.

The Dedicated workshop facilities are custom designed to facilitate the maintenance of our craft and are strategically placed within the Aberdeen Harbour area with easy access to launch and recovery facilities.