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Unrivalled experience and UK marine operations knowledge combine to create a market-leading O&M SOV service.

North Star Renewables will be committing to and delivering a new fleet of SOV’s to meet the evolving demand of Offshore Wind O&M operations.

A purpose built fleet in response to the market growth and changes in O&M strategy. Acknowledging the need for bespoke vessel design that integrates innovative technology, underlined by over thirty years of experience offshore. North Star have the strengths, qualities and best practices to deliver your personnel, services and cargo offshore, safely.

Alignment with Customer’s core values

We believe that North Star enters a partnership when a SOV is sourced. A partnership built firmly on shared values. As caring, collaborative, innovative and open partners, we will seek to deliver long-term sustainable success with all our customers and those on board.

Our collaborative approach to safety and well-being

Safety is the backbone of our business. We are fully committed to maintaining rigorous safety processes that actively involve all employees in identifying, preventing and correcting workplace safety issues to prevent accidents and injuries.

Our vast experience in offshore infrastructure support

We have over 40 years’ experience in offshore infrastructure support, including 23 years with DP vessels, operating across all areas of the North Sea. As a trusted partner operating under ERRVA guidelines in the most challenging of environments, we will bring our track record of providing 24/7 asset support to provide a leading solution for the offshore wind SOV market.

Our mature and clear commitment to sustainability

We fully understand and recognise the importance of environmental sustainability in every area of our business, including our fleet management processes. We have been ISO 14001 compliant for over 10 years. We continuously seek to reduce our carbon footprint through innovation, and have designed our approach to the sector with the aim of reducing emissions, waste and carbon footprint throughout the service lifecycle.

Our cutting-edge new solutions for the offshore wind SOV market

Based on market research, we’ve developed an innovative SOV concept to deliver a new standard of operational support in the offshore wind market. Our SOV design integrates a range of new technologies to provide a precise solution for the safe and efficient management of offshore logistics, accommodation and access for all on-board.

Our commitment to investment and long-term partnership

We have always been a responsibly run company and despite market challenges, we continue to benefit from a strong balance sheet position. Our uniquely well-capitalised shareholder is fully committed to our diversification into the offshore wind market, where we aim to build a strong market position and lasting presence.

Our unrivalled experience in Daughter Craft operations

We own, operate and maintain in-house from our facilities in Aberdeen and Lowestoft an extensive fleet of Daughter craft (63) and Fast Rescue Craft (85). Launch and Recovery, and operations at sea in the most challenging conditions are part of our daily activities. 365 days, every year.

Supporting the future of the UK marine industry

We are the largest wholly British owned ship owner. Part of our continued support of this valuable sector to the economy and coastal industry is mirrored in our commitment to the continual training of UK Cadets, investment in innovations and membership of UK organisations.

Experience & innovation

We may be new entrants to the offshore wind market, but we bring levels of experience and expertise that can contribute to its continued drive for increased efficiency and operational innovation. This experience breaks down into six key areas: 24/7 365 service, safeguarding customer personnel on board, ship building and technical management, daughter craft operations, marine access operations and DP operations. By combining our own expertise with key suppliers and new hires, we will provide a service that will prove to be second to none


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Airborne Operations

Optionally prepared for airborne operations – from Helideck to Drone Operational hubs.

Logistics Integration

Optional onshore logistics integration, safer handling, assured systems.

High Performance

High performance, Hybrid propulsion with stabilisation hardware for high performance test to 1.7m Hs

Get In Touch

To help identify your vessel needs, please contact:

Michael Gordon - Group Commerical Director 
T: 01224 261 437

For Press Enquiries please contact:

Pam Wilson (BIG Partnership)
T: 01224 211 045

Office Locations


12 Queens Road
AB15 4ZT
Scotland, UK
T +44 (0)1224 261400


12 Blue Sky Way
Monkton Business Park
Hebburn, NE31 2EQ
T +44 (0)191 495188


Columbus Buildings,
Waveney Road, Lowestoft
NR32 1BN, Suffolk
T +44 (0)1502 573366