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Emergency Response and Rescue

We provide essential emergency response and rescue services to the offshore industry in the North West European Area (NWEA).

We are dedicated to providing a service that is delivered safely to oil and gas operators in support of 50 installations in the North Sea.

Our clients rely on our support for their operations in one of the most hostile environments on the planet. This continuous level of support is provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. This is a proven service that has saved more than 70 lives in the North Sea.

Our current fleet of emergency response and rescue vessels comprises of 31 ships, supported by a fleet of approximately 70 fast rescue craft and 35 daughter craft. Our dedicated in-house Rescue Craft Service Centre ensures these fast rescue craft and daughter craft are maintained to the highest levels of safety and performance.

Key duties of the Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV):

  • Rescuing from the water or recovering persons and providing them with medical aid
  • Acting as a "Place of Safety" in accordance with PFEER (Prevention of Fire, Explosion and Emergency Response Regulations)
  • Providing on scene co-ordination, as required, in accordance with the relevant installation's Emergency Response Plan
  • Participating fully in the execution of the installation collision avoidance strategy e.g. monitoring the Safety Zone, warn approaching vessels and the installation of the risk of collision and prevent same where possible
  • Acting as a reserve radio station.

The ERRV is alongside the installation for 365 days per year with crew changes taking place every twenty eight days. Rescue exercises are carried out offshore when sea conditions of up to 3.5m significant wave height permit the safe launching and recovery of the FRC. The ERRVs undertake rescue trials on a regular basis.