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Construction and Management


Through an honest, open and collaborative culture with our clients and people ,we have been able to not only invest in new assets but invest in the right assets.

We build, bespoke, high spec, safe, efficient ships.

We build them safely, with care, and attention to detail using our collaborative team work ethic to build towards one purpose.

We believe in the value in bespoke, purpose built assets in keeping the core of our business safe, our people

Ship Management Services

We manage over 45 vessels in one of the most demanding and highly regulated industries in the world, we have built, owned and managed our own vessels for 50 years and continue look to innovate ourselves as ship managers.

We have decades of experience in

  • Commercial Management
  • Operational Management
  • Technical Management
  • Bespoke New Build Management

Our business uses our decades of experience in ship management to manage all of the following in house for our 45 vessels. We believe holding these expertise in house allows us to offer a best in class service to our clients where we can focus on the details in every part of our service provisions.

Marine Crew management

We work alongside our group companies dedicated to crew management.

We work in the same buildings to allow for constant collaboration and efficient management services of the most essential part of our business, our crew.

We are committed to fully employing our Seafarers and do not use contractors or fixed term contracts, ensuring a stable work environment to allow our crew to feel secure and fully commit to caring for each other and the safety of others at sea.

Cadet training & support

We have supported the UK Cadet scheme for over 15 years, training vast amounts of UK nationals and supporting the UK’s seafaring resources. Numerous cadets continue to work and progress through the company up to senior positions whilst others work within the industry elsewhere.

We have trained and delivered over 900 Cadets into all areas of the international maritime industry over the past 15 years.

We look to support UK & global marine industry by ensuring future generations of skilled professionals and are committed to this indefinitely.

Daughter Craft operational services and maintenance

The Launch and recovery of small manoeuvrable, purpose built and bespoke Daughter Craft and Fast Rescue Crafts is at the core of our rescue and recovery abilities. Decades of safe launch and recovery of these require dedicated service and maintenance.

Our in house team of 15 + trained personnel can undertake all means of maintenance, from engine overhauls, fibre glass repairs, fender repair etc. Having these skills in house allows us to offer enhanced dependability to our ships crew, clients and other 3rd parties.