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Specifications Download (1 MB)

LOA 58.20 metres 

LBP 51.00 metres 

Breadth Moulded 13.20 metres

Draft Loaded / Depth 4.75 metres / 6.25 metres

GRT TBC Tonnes

NRT TBC Tonnes

DWT 980 Tonnes

Fuel Oil (MGO) / Connection 394 m3 (approx)

Fresh Water / Connection 369 m3 (approx)

Ballast Water 650 m3 (approx)

Oil Recovery Tanks N/A

ROV Launch Platform N/A

Tanker Assistance N/A

Dry Bulk(s) / Connection N/A

Deck Area Approx 250 m2 (Wood Sheathed Deck)

Deck Loading 5 Tonnes per metre

Deck Crane # 1 2T @ 12-15 metres

Deck Crane # 2 N/A

Deck Crane # 3 N/A

Bollard Pull N/A

Winch N/A

Wire Reel N/A

Deck Tuggers 1 x 10 Tonnes

Main Engine(s) 4 x 550 kw (CAT)

Propeller(s) Azimuthing stern Drive Units

Bow Thruster(s) 2 x 600 BHP units

Stern Thruster(s) 2 x Steer-prop @ 1200 BHP

Rudder Systems / Type N/A

Aux Engines N/A

Shaft PTOs N/A

Emergency Generators 1 x Emergency Unit

Control Positions Aft, Fwd, Port & Stbd consoles

Full Manual Control Aft & Fwd consoles

Fully Integrated Joystick Control System Aft, Port & Stbd

Dynamic Positioning System Option

Fan Beam Laser Option

DGPS # 1 Fitted

DGPS # 2 Option

Hydro Acoustic Pos Ref # 1 Option

Hydro Acoustic Pos Ref # 2 Option

Vertical Taut Wire Option

Daughter Craft Davit # 1 McGregor Heave Compensated 

Daughter Craft Delta Phantom (Diesel Jet Drive)

Daughter Craft Davit # 2 Option

Daughter Craft Option

Fast Rescue Craft Davit # 1 McGregor Heave Compensated

Fast Rescue Craft  1 x Avon 15 Man (Petrol outboard)

Dacon Scoop 6 Metre Dacon Scoop (Port)

Dacon Rescue Crane 2t @ 12-15m

Cosalt Rescue Basket Fitted & Launched from Fore or Aft Deck

Jason Cradles Frames Fitted

Winch Area Located on Aft Main Deck & Fore Deck

Emer. Towing Capable

Dispersant Tanks 2 x 5 Tonne Tanks 

Dispersant Spray Booms Fully outfitted Port & Starboard

Searchlights 4 x IBAK Kiel

Radar(s) (Fwd) 2 x Furuno (S & X band)

Radar (Aft) 1 x Furuno

ECDIS ECDIS System fitted

PLB System Charterers Option

DGPS(s) Furuno

Gyro(s) Anschutz

Autopilot Anschutz

Magnetic Comp Fitted

Echo Sounder Fitted

Digital Depth Recorder Fitted

Navtex Fitted

Sat Comms V Sat (A3)

MF/HF Radio Fitted

UHF Fitted

VHF (Fwd) Fitted

VHF (Aft) Fitted

Helo Radio Fitted

AIS Fitted

VHF Direction Finder Fitted

Doppler Log Fitted

SSAS Fitted

Portable VHF Fitted

UHF Base Fitted

Portable UHF Fitted

Sonic Helmets Fitted

Smartpatch Phone Fitted

V. SAT VOIP System Fitted

Crew Cabins up to 20

Recreation & Leisure 1 Messroom, 2 Lounges

Leisure 1 x Sauna, 1 x Gym